Montpellier Vine & Wine Sciences International Seminar


The key Initiative MUSE (KIM) Montpellier Vine & Wine Sciences from University of Montpellier and its institutional partners, INRAE and Institut Agro Montpellier, organize an international seminar to be held from October 11th to 14th at Institut Agro Montpellier.

The KIM has invited recognised scientists from the universities of Cornell, Davis, Chile and Stellenbosch for conferences on the four key topics:

  • Climate Change : adaptation and mitigation
  • Reduction of inputs
  • Building quality
  • Biodiversity, microbiomes and ecosystems

Workshop on different topics will also be held in order to share ideas and vision, and eventually co-construct international research projects.

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  • Δίκτυο
  • Λίστα
  • Γεωτοποθεσία

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