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ADVID is a non-profit association, established in 1982 with the aim of driving the modernization of viticulture and, thus, to increasing the profitability of the vineyards of the Douro Demarcated Region. The association now has a national reach and currently has 175 wine companies in its membership, along with a number of academic, public and business entities.

In 2009, following the published application, the Douro Region Wine Cluster and ADVID, as its Managing Entity, were recognized. In 2017, in a public ceremony chaired by the Prime Minister of Portugal, the Cluster status changed to National Cluster of Vine and Wine being ADVID its Managing Entity. The Cluster promotes the internationalization, innovation, competitiveness and sustainability of the Portuguese wine sector.  ADVID has the capacity to carry out studies, technical and scientific research, its credibility having been demonstrated over more than 32 years, and in 2019 was recognized by National Innovation Association (ANI) as an institution apt to perform I&D in the agri-food and environmental techno-scientific domains. Presently, ADVID possesses a dedicated R&D department, CoLAB Vines&Wines, which possesses its own human resources, constituted by experts in multidisciplinary areas, thus representing an important asset for the project proposed. This collaborative laboratory constitutes a new project approach in Portugal and interacts with companies or associations and universities.


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    • This congress constitutes an important opportunity for the dissemination and updating of technical and scientific innovations in viticulture and enology, adapted to the Mountain regions.

    • CoLAB Vines & Wines

      CoLAB VINES&WINES, an initiative led by ADVID, was created to support the wine sector, mobilizing ADVID Members and partners, to ensure the resilience, sustainability and competitiveness of the sector.

    • COPPEREPLACE: Projeto internacional para reduzir o uso de cobre na vinha

      13 entidades espanholas, francesas e portuguesas do setor vitivinícola uniram esforços para reduzir significativamente o uso de cobre na viticultura, bem como o seu impacto ambiental.

    • RoMoVi - Robot Modular e Cooperativo para Vinhas

      O RoMoVi Robot Modular e Cooperativo para Vinhas de encosta é um projecto apoiado pelo COMPETE 2020, no âmbito do Sistema de Incentivos à Investigação e Desenvolvimento Tecnológico, com um Investimento elegível de 1 027 mil euros o que resultou num Incentivo FEDER de 697 mil euros.

    • SustainWine

      Project with the purpose of developing a training and environmental education program adapted to different audiences. Its purpose is to promote and publicize the best that is already being done in viticultural ecosystems, regarding the conservation and protection of biodiversity.

    • Vinovert

      VINOVERT is an innovative project for the wine sector in SUDOE region (wine and vineyard businesses in the Southwest European region)


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