Green Vineyards


The Green Vineyards project aims to improve the knowledge, skills and abilities of workers in the wine sector to meet the challenges of climate change. The objectives of the project are as follows:
a) Identify the environmental skills required by workers to ensure a positive ecological footprint of the activities carried out.
b) Identify common gaps in workers’ knowledge, attitudes and skills, to better meet their training needs.
c) Provide personalized personalized training to wine sector staff, based on identified skills gaps and making the necessary training available 24/7.
d) Facilitate access to training, by creating a user-friendly and accessible online learning environment for all workers in the wine sector.
e) Raise awareness in the key wine production sector of the impact of climate change.
f) Improve the climate knowledge of rural communities.
g) Disseminate the expected results in order to transmit the knowledge created throughout Europe, in order to facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technologies from the wine sector to other agri-food sectors

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