44th World Congress of Vine and Wine


The OIV Congres will host the world's leading specialists in the fields of viticulture and oenology, as well as world-class health, safety, law and economy experts involved in the area of vitivinicultural production.

This 44th Congress will address issues linked to the current challenges facing global vitivinicultural production under the following theme:

"Viticulture and Information Technologies"

The four sessions for which papers can be submitted are structured as follows:

  1. Session I. Viticulture. Big data and artificial intelligence in decision-making in viticulture in the face of climate change.
  2. Session II. Oenology. New technologies applied in oenology.
  3. Session III. Law and information to consumers. Digitization of information at the service of the consumers and traceability.
  4. Session IV. Food safety, consumption, nutrition and health. Information technology for sustainability and food safety. (blockchain. from production to consumer).

We invite to disseminate this information.

Abstract submission: https://congress.oiv.int/congres/OIV2023ESP/first-page

Contact: papers@oiv.int

Congress websitehttps://oiv2023.es/en/


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