The business sense of internalizing climate change - 3rd edition


From Porto to the world, Porto Protocol has put the subject of climate change in the wine industry firmly on the table. Throughout the last year, the Foundation has been conducting a series of Climate Talks that have been raising debate, asking tough questions, presenting best practices and creating a network of solutions and change makers that is promoting interaction and behavioral change within the industry worldwide.

The next conversation is the 3rd one on the topic “The Business Sense of Internalizing Climate Change” and it will extend the discussion to various stakeholders of the wine value chain.

The virtual table will be joined by speakers Carlo Mondavi, Chief Farming Officer and Co-Founder of Monarch Tractor, and co-founder and partner at various wineries (RAEN Winery, Sorì della Sorba & Continuum Estate (USA); Paulo Azevedo, Chairman of Sonae and BA Glass (Portugal); and Rowena Curlewis, Co-Founder & CEO at Denomination Drinks Design.


Carlo Mondavi brings his experience as a wine producer and how that path led him to be a co-founder of The Monarch Tractor.


Paulo Azevedo, as Chairman of a glass producer, the element that contributes the most to the carbon footprint of wine, and as Sonae’s Chairman and former CEO, will explore why and how both these stakeholders, trade and glass producer, are addressing climate change in their business strategy, and how they’re working with other stakeholders, namely wine producers.


Rowena Curlewis, Co-Founder and CEO of Denomination, brings her experience as a business leader with a Climate Neutrality Certification, but also the CEO of of a Design Agency, where the lifecycle of a product begins.

The conversation, moderated by Marta Mendonça, Manager at The Porto Protocol Foundation, will take place via zoom live. Registration is required:


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