MEDCLIV (Mediterranean Climate Vine & Wine Ecosystem)


The MEDCLIV project is funded by Climate-KIC, and coordinated by the Edmund Mach Foundation (IT). Institutions from 6 Mediterranean countries are partners in this initiative: France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Slovenia

In the Mediterranean area, many local economies are based on the activity of the vine and wine industry. However, this activity is now threatened by the effects of climate change: increasingly long droughts, recurring extreme climatic events, increased interannual variability ... In addition to seeking to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, the sector must get involved in the challenge of adapting to climate change. New viticulture and winemaking techniques need to be tested, as well as new organizations for local sectors. Collective action, through projects such as MEDCLIV, should make it possible to coordinate professionals, involve local players, and thus accelerate the transition.

MEDCLIV draws on French experiences of participatory foresight, and the construction of collaborative platforms, to support the emergence of comparable approaches in several Mediterranean countries: France of course, but also Italy, Portugal, Spain, Cyprus and Slovenia. From October 2019 to September 2022, the partners will act on several axes:

  • Encourage and support participatory events aimed at provoking the meeting of stakeholders, and the emergence of projects for the vine and wine sector, in the face of climate change;
  • Develop an online collaborative platform, called VINEAS, capable of mapping all the players in the sector involved in adapting to climate change, and thus facilitate networking, across the entire Mediterranean;
  • Encourage local / regional stakeholder engagement for a coordinated adaptation strategy

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    • Un confronto attivo con le parti interessate sulle sfide del cambiamento climatico alla filiera vitivinicola nazionale

    • Participative events turns towards climate action at city level. INRAE adapted the concept to rural areas characterized with wine production

    • This 2 hour participative workshop aims at exploring together the levers for managing multiple risks in the context of climate change in the wine & vine industry

    • Η Κυπριακή γεωργία απειλείται από την ερημοποίηση τόσο λόγω διατάραξης του εδάφους, όσο και λόγω της έντασης της ξηρασίας εξαιτίας της Κλιματικής Αλλαγής. Η συγκαλλιέργεια μεταξύ βαθύρριζων φυτών και φυτών με πιο επιφανειακό ριζικό σύστημα, επιτρέπει τη διατήρηση της προστασίας του εδάφους σε σχέση

    • Webinaire organisé par l'équipe du projet MEDCLIV France


    • MEDCLIV will organize 3 workshops

    • In this workshop we will discuss with a diversity of stakeholders the consumption and production of wine with a certification of sustainability.

    • Convegno dell'Assoc. Donne del Vino - Friuli - Venezia Giulia. Az. Vinicola Fossa Mala

    • Un "Living Lab" per parlare e agire di cambiamento climatico e filiera del vino e dell'uva in Sicilia


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