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Active since 2009 and reference point in the field of wine regulated controls in the national sector, Valoritalia offers also services for voluntary certification, including Organic Farming, SQNPI (Integrated Production National Quality System) and specific sustainability standards of the wine sector Equalitas, Vinnature and VIVA. Valoritalia also implements innovative Standard like vegan wine certification, developed in cooperation with the Italian Vegetarian Association and contributes to the development of the Standard Unico.

Valoritalia is also active in research and development of disciplinary, innovative tools and strategies to evaluate and certify the sustainability and quality.

Valoritalia is partner of two Horizon project:

  • Internet of Food and Farm project which aims to promote the large-scale use of the IoT (Internet of Things) in the European agricultural and food sector, addressing all the players in the food supply chain: farmers, cooperatives, suppliers. of equipment and logistics, processors and consumer associations, including ICT programmers (
  • The Food Safety Market which aims to create a transparent data-powered certification ecosystem for a safe food supply chain (


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