How to create personalized user case in digital viticulture


  1. General market overview viticulture soft and hardware
  2. What is currently available in Cyprus
  3. What is main viticulture indicators farmer looking for and what is important but not in scope yet
  4. How to transform data from different sourses to understandable format in practical and valuable use



  • Network
  • List
  • Geolocation
    • Cyprus University of Technology

      Focusing mainly on applied research, the University aspires to acquire a role in support of the State and society in their efforts to deal with problems related to science and technology.

    • MEDCliv (Cyprus)

      The impact of climate change on the Cypriot vine and wine industry

    • MEDCLIV (Mediterranean Climate Vine & Wine Ecosystem)

      The MEDCLIV project aims at experimenting participatory approaches to design and share co-constructed adaptation (and to some extent mitigation) pathways for the vine and wine value chain in Mediterranean territories. change


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