CANARI Europe: an innovative climate service to adapt European agriculture


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Nantes and Toulouse on June 6, 2023

CANARI Europe: an innovative climate service to adapt European agriculture

In 2022, Europe faced a global crisis. the worst drought in 500 years [1]. This year water reserves remain at 100%. alarming levels and Spain is faced with one of the worst droughts in its history [2]. To help European agricultural sectors to develop adapt to climate change, CANARI Europe, the first open source web application for visualizing agro-climatic indicators, is now online. After a successful launch of CANARI On the scale of France, CANARI Europe extends to all of Europe and northern Maghreb. Developed by Makina Corpus and Solagro, CANARI Europe is with high spatial and temporal data resolution, an improved interface and computing power adapted to the large volume of data and users.

CANARI Europe is now available in French, English, German, Spanish and Estonian. Faced with climatic hazards, CANARI (Climate Analysis for Agricultural Recommendations and Impacts) is a technological innovation allowing the agricultural sector < /span>to adapt and make the right decisions : towards which mode? Should production and consumption be tended? Which crops are suitable? privilege?  The application is at the service of the agricultural sectors to help them à invent the agriculture of tomorrow.

European partners and funding

CANARI Europe is data driven Euro-cordex, a program supported by the World Climate Research Program (WCRP ) which aims to achieve organize and coordinate an international framework for producing regional climate projections.

After initial financing from the ADEME (Agency environment and energy management) and Ministry of Agriculture and Sovereignty food to develop CANARI to throughout France (launched in February 2022 at the Salon de l’Agriculture), CANARI Europe was financed by the investment fund 2050 . CANARI Europe also benefits from the support of the program's technical partners Life AgriAdapt to facilitate its distribution:

Adaptation to climate change is an imperative. To prevent farmers and breeders from being in denial or frustrated, we must speak the same language and discuss solutions. Thanks to the level of precision and quality With the information offered by CANARI Europe, they can gain autonomy and take concrete action. We also train the agricultural sector such as cooperatives. the use of the tool and agrave; interpretation of results. “ Jordi Domingo Calabuig, Fundación Global Nature 

A unique technological innovation in Europe

Thanks to; an intuitive user journey, users benefit from instant calculation agro-climatic indicators: 

  • over the period 2021-2050 (near future) to better understand the variability à come from different climatic parameters.
  • but also over the period 2051-2100< span style="font-weight: 400;"> (distant future) to consider the consequences in the very long term.

Projections are available from 1985 to; 2100 for 120 ready-to-use indicators employment: 

  • 40 indicators « generic ": number of hot days, number of frosty days, potential evapotranspiration, etc.
  • 80 agro-climatic indicators or « professions» : risk of early scalding (soft wheat), night coolness index (vines), last day of spring frost (arboriculture), etc.

Until Currently, CANARI offered calculations on 5,706 grid points, covering mainland France. There are now 94,220 grid points available at any time. across Europe and the North of the Maghreb, or 16 times more! Despite the mass of data and the complexity of the data calculations, the application is very efficient, displaying the results only takes a few seconds. “

Pauline Millet, Project Manager at Makina Corpus

CANARI Europe offers a multi-model approach and several climate scenarios: RCP 4.5 and 8.5, the scenarios established by the IPCC (Group of intergovernmental experts on climate change) for its fifth report, AR5, making it possible to model the future climate.

The application also gives the possibility of allows users to freely modify the parameters of each indicator proposed. : users can calibrate their request to their local issues and their reality territorial.

In France more than 1,500 users have established agro-climatic projections on CANARI : associations, study offices, rooms agriculture, agricultural cooperatives, institutions, ¾ are professionals in the agricultural sector.

“ It is not a magic tool with an adaptation plan. Users must be supported by resource people and organizations capable of making the tool known and interpreting the results. Adaptation must be a new skill for agricultural advisors, which requires funding and training in this area. “

Nicolas Metayer, Deputy Director at Solagro


À About Solagro

Solagro is an associative company that puts its expertise at the service of agroecological, energy, climate and food transitions. Its multidisciplinary team specializes in engineering, training and applied research. It systematically addresses the challenges facing living things and the environment, with a long-term vision.

À About Makina Corpus

Software engineering services company, Makina Corpus creates innovative web and mobile applications, relying exclusively on open source software. The company specializes in the development of business applications, complex portals, spatial information processing and interactive cartography. Makina Corpus is now present in France and Belgium. With 50 employees, it addresses the French and Belgian markets. Its teams are present in Paris, Toulouse, Nantes and Brussels. Positioned on open source and innovation, Makina Corpus devotes 15% of its turnover to innovation. participates in R&D and regularly collaborates with research laboratories.

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Visuals available by clicking here 

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