VITIVOCA (POR Calabria FESR-FSE 2007/2013)


Recovery of authochtonous and / or ancient varieties of Calabria for the maintenance and conservation of biodiversity for the purpose of diversification and enhancement of the typical products of the territory.

New protocols for red and white winemaking were defined for red Gaglioppo and white Mantonico grapes and the use of membrane techniques were tested for alcohol reduction in red wines.

The study of the grape-environment interaction involved the evaluation of the maximum interaction of the variety / biotype with the growing environment through the evaluation of the macro and micro composition of the grape

Specific information on the most targeted and specific field interventions considering the genetic characters of the varieties / biotypes and  the regional territory ( water balances, canopy management, etc.).  Through historical research, the specific characteristics of the regional landscape were highlighted.

Techniques and applications in the vineyard management capable of maximizing the link among vine-climate-nutrition-soil, tradition and viticultural innovation were identified in order to guarantee the maximum qualitative result.


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