MEDLab in Romagna


Fondazione Edmund Mach with CAVIRO organized a “Living Lab” dedicated to Emilia-Romagna territory. The first meeting was on the 30th Oct and the second was the 27th Nov. 2020.

"MEDLab in Romagna" was the first Italian "participatory" event of the MEDCLIV project. Originally scheduled in Faenza, it took place entirely remotely on Friday 30th, with an "Open Space Technology" approach, and saw the participation of about thirty representatives of wineries and services, research centers, administrators premises in the Emilia-Romagna area. Thanks to all those who have given their contribution, and in particular to: CAVIRO, City of Wine Association, Romagna Faentina Association, Municipality of Faenza, Department of Economic Development and Green Economy, work, training of the Emilia Romagna Region, Fedagri Pesa-Conf cooperative , BitMup (for the professional "facilitation" of the event) and of course Climate KIC Italia.

November 27: second appointment of the Living Lab "MEDLab in Romagna".

The second meeting was attended by about thirty participants of different professional interests to give shape to the more general ideas that emerged during the first meeting on October 30th. The two events, initially intended to be hosted in the city of Faenza and organized with the collaboration of CAVIRO, took place remotely with the help of the Miro platform. The participants worked in four tables, organized around the same number of Emilian-Romagna wineries.

With this meeting, the first nucleus of the regional wine ecosystem attentive to the problems of climate change has begun to get to know and collaborate: we hope that this group, still assisted by MEDCLIV, can take the next steps towards the realization of the ideas that emerged.


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