Workshop KIM X MEDCLIV : Resilience and risk management in relation to climate change


The MEDCLIV project aims at both developing & experimenting methods for participation/collaboration for the adaptation of the wine sector to climate change and developing a collaborative web platform . 

This workshop will build on past experienced (Climathons, foresight exercices, workshop in the SITEVI) to address the question of risk and resilience in the face of climate change.

Participants will be invited to discuss and suggest levers for managing these intricated risks in a multiple sequence participative session that will mobilize different participative techniques.

Results will be gathered in minutes that will be open and published on

Join us : stay tuned for details (see also directly Montpellier Vine & Wine sciences international seminar ( october 11-12-13, 2022) – Montpellier Université d’Excellence (




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