PhenoPiCam is a new device which allows continuous  monitoring of the environment both by time-lapse images and main meteorological parameters. It consists of a new computer board and datalogger, developed together with two partners YetiPi Systems based in Bolzano, Italy and CNR-Ibimet in Florence. PhenoPiCam is equipped with camera modules both in the visible and thermal infrared regions, meteorological sensors (such as thermohygrometer, soil temperature probe, rain gauge, wind speed and direction, leaf wetness), powered by a solar module and with data transmission capabilities.

The main goal of the project is to assist growers and technicians in a proper and environment-friendly field management, in particular for irrigation and pest management. The PhenoPiCam system will collect hourly images and meteorological data used to feed phenology, pest management and irrigation models. Time-lapse photography, coupled with site-specific meteorology measurements, will provide unique data to researchers for a better understanding of environmental triggers of phenology events.

PhenoPiCam is designed both for farmers, technicians and researchers. The latter will benefit from row data, while growers and agronomists should have access to user-friendly applications, such as apps and web-sites.

PhenoPiCam was developed by Fondazione Edmund Mach - Research and Innovation Centre, National Research Council - Biometeorology Institute, YetiPi and supported by EIT Climate-KIC.


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