The Portuguese MEDCLIV Ecosystem - First Results


The MEDCLIV project's main goal is to support the development of the national vine and wine ecosystem for adaptation to Climate Change, responding to the challenges in a concerted, collaborative manner and through a systemic approach and joint solutions with all agents.

This goal requires an effort in the dissemination of knowledge, but the results obtained in the exercise show that, in addition to the dissemination of knowledge, it is also necessary to work on the awareness and recognition of the problem of climate change and its impacts, once that factors such as an ageing population and the lack of training of a large proportion of the agents conditions the decision-making towards the short term promoting a day-to-day management of vines and wine in detriment of a more strategic and long-term approach to climate adaptation and subsequent challenges.

Perhaps for these reasons, when identifying the sector's main problems, few environmental problems were mentioned by the participants. In fact, excluding two entries relating to water availability and storage needs and one relating to a global and long-term vision for Climate Change, the remain ones were focused on issues/problems that are not environmental but intrinsic to the organisation and management of the sector.


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