MEDCLIV Kick-off - Occitanie (France)


The event was recorded, the recording is available on this URL:  

The detailed program of interventions is as follows:

• 10:30 am Introduction and presentation of the MECLIV project on collective action in the Mediterranean, with the support of the LACCAVE project - Nina Graveline (INRAE)
• 10:40 am Presentation of local scientific support: the KIM Vine & Wine Sciences of MUSE - Bruno Blondin (IHEV - Montpellier SupAgro)
• 10:45 am Objectives and organization of the webconference - Marc Nougier (Montpellier SupAgro - MEDCLIV) Testimonies of territorial collective actions
• 10:50 am LACCAVE prospective participatory forums for the French vine and wine sector in the face of climate change - Jean-Marc Touzard (INRAE)
• 11:00 am Local participatory events as levers for collective action - Marc Nougier (Montpellier SupAgro - MEDCLIV)
• 11:10 am The Ventoux Open Forum: consultation at the origin of a new territorial dynamic - Manon Dublet (Chamber of Agriculture of Vaucluse)
• 11:30 am Conclusions, questions, comments from participants
• 12h00 End of the event

54 people subscribed to attend the web-conference. This list involved participants from all the targeted stakeholders, but also stakeholders from other French regions, interested either by vine and wine or by the general idea of participatory approaches to drive climate change adaptation.

38 participants actually attended the event

This event had very positive impacts:

  • Key stakeholders either attended the conference, or asked the link to the replay
  • It raised many questions and thanks from participants in the last minutes
  • One major territorial stakeholder, the Montpellier Metropolis gathering 31 cities and villages around Montpellier, expressed its intention to initiate and/or lead a participatory initiative on the adaptation of vine and wine to climate change, with the support of MEDCLIV project members.


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