Plant Pathogen Toxin Receptors


Through this project, we are expressing recombinant NLP proteins, with which we can define the interaction with plant lipids. In addition, we will study in detail
the interactions of NLP proteins with receptor molecules using molecules that mimic the structural characteristics of plant lipids and evaluate the toxic effect of
these molecules on the NLP proteins in vitro and in vivo. Interactions will be measured and evaluated using a number of modern methods such as surface plasmon
resonance, liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry, thermophoresis, differential dynamic fluorimetry, crystallographic determination of the structure, and
virtual bridging and anchoring of binding molecules to the three-dimensional structure of NLP proteins. This project represents cooperation between different
research groups from Slovenia, as well as research groups from Germany and Japan. The project will reveal important details about the mechanism of toxicity
caused by NLP proteins and will provide a solid basis for the further development of plant protection products targeting some of the most pressing plant

Research in the area of NLP proteins can significantly contribute to the knowledge on toxicity of vine that can be useful for establishment of connections with
vineyard owners to maintain healthy land and achieve sustainable grape production.


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