National Institute of Chemistry - Kemijski Institut (KI)

Hajdrihova ulica 19 1000 Ljubljana


The National Institute of Chemistry in Ljubljana is the second largest natural sciences research institute in Slovenia. Research at the National Institute is divided into two major fields: life sciences and materials science.

The National Institute of Chemistry is a scientifically excellent, established and breakthrough research institution based in Europe. With our cutting-edge research, we are enriching the global treasury of knowledge by solving the most pressing challenges facing society including: health, sustainable energy, climate change, a circular economy and safe food. Our research goals push the boundaries of science and create new values. We successfully transfer knowledge to industry and, in the long-term, support the role of science in the development of society.

We enable our scientific excellence through collaboration with the best global research institutions, groups and individuals. We are members of international multidisciplinary research networks. We aim to be provide a stimulating environment and open learning space where young researchers can develop their curiosity and realise their research creativity. By doing so, we ensure future generations lives benefit from the profession.

We provide our employees with inspiring working conditions in which they can carry out their professional mission. We are proud that our interpersonal relationships are based on an open, integrated, equitable and inclusive culture that is not limited by gender or race. We strive to become the reason for excellent Slovenian scientists returning from abroad. With our mission, we contribute to the well-being of society and are an example of excellence.



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Hajdrihova ulica 19