There is no doubt that the wine sector is very important for the Mediterranean region at multiple levels: economic, social and environmental. The latter aspect is at the core of OENOMED. Greener consumers put pressure on wine producers to achieve more sustainability as highlighted by the growing demand for bio-dynamic wines. MSMEs of the sector need to address this challenge if they want to stay competitive, especially if we assume that they will not be able to compete in volume with big wineries. OENOMED intends to support wine MSMEs to go greener and take advantage of the unique natural assets of the Mediterranean Protected Areas. These areas have enormous potential that are calling for green and environmentally friendly businesses. The project will strengthen MSMEs both technically and economically, getting them ready to grow, using the wine quality labels developed by the partners in the concerned Protected Areas.



To qualify and promote the wine sector MSMEs in Mediterranean Protected Areas by enhancing the uniqueness of these areas and fostering the adoption of green technologies, sustainable business practices and joint commercial strategies

What will be improved?

The wine MSMEs will widen their market in close synergy with the Protected Areas involved in the project and will generate long-term and sustainable impact by creating new quality brands and commercial networks. The sales of MSMEs will consequently increase, thus, offering consistent opportunities for business growth and job creation. Another result of the project will be the positive impact on the economic and environmental life of the Protected Areas by showing that combining natural protection and business development is far from being incompatible.

Who will benefit?

  • 7,000 Mediterranean wine MSMEs in the 4 participating countries
  • Management authorities of the Protected Areas
  • Local authorities
  • Researchers and wine sector professionals
  • Wine consumers that will benefit from new green and high-quality brands

Expected achievements

  • Creation of a new quality label “Wine from Mediterranean Protected Areas”
  • Local and Mediterranean Charters on "Innovative viticulture in protected areas" signed by 80 MSMEs
  • 40 advisory and consultancy services provided to MSMEs for the implementation of the Local Charters and promotional campaigns
  • Participation in 30 international wine fairs with “Protected Areas Wines” stands
  • Memorandum of Understanding on Local Action Plans "Defining the vineyards of the future" signed by 12 MSMEs
  • Organization of business-to-business meetings to link wine producers with international buyers and distributors
  • At least 40 MSMEs financially supported to develop sustainable wine production in Protected Areas and to implement marketing campaigns 

Contribution to policy-making

The project foresees the participation of decision-makers in the Public-Private-Citizens Action Groups that will draft the Local Charters as well as the Mediterranean Charter. Besides, workshops with decision-makers will be implemented throughout the project life in order to foster the ownership of the project results. The creation and exploitation of a commercial brand called “Wine from Mediterranean Protected Areas” (VAPMED) by MSMEs will be supported by both the partners and the involved decision-makers after the end of the project. Last but not least, the drafting and signature by MSMEs of the Memorandum of Understanding on the Local Action Plans "Defining the vineyards of the future” will be an unequivocal commitment from the wine sector.


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