Terroir wines facing climate change: No future or New Morning ?


Because it calls into question the possibility of sustainable relationships between the characteristics of an agricultural product and its local conditions of production, climate change is a major threat to products of origin and GIs. The presentation (and a related paper) proposes a synthesis of the impacts of climate change on GIs and an exploration of the ways and conditions for their adaptation. It is based on: i) the formalization of an economic model of agricultural products with GIs, which allows us to organize the questioning of their sustainability, and ii) the example of wine, whose analysis of the conditions for adaptation to climate change has just been the subject of a vast research program, LACCAVE. Climate change places GI products in very constrained situations (impasse of conservative strategies or adaptation by artificialisation of systems), but a way forward remains possible under a series of conditions: a "moderate" global warming, a procedural definition of GIs, the integration of mitigation measures in the specifications, the reinforcement of R&D, the development of a new engineering of products of origin


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