INNOVATION Joint Research Unit

34000 Montpellier


UMR Innovation aims to produce knowledge and contribute to scientific and societal debates on the innovation processes that contribute to the transformation of agricultural and food systems, in the face of global challenges, including climate change :

  • by analyzing and supporting concrete situations of innovation in territories , on several scales , with different geo-political contexts North and South,
  • by developing methods and tools that promote the participation of innovation stakeholders , from its design to the evaluation of its impacts ,
  • by helping public and private actors in their decisions to achieve agroecological, climate and food transitions

Viticulture is one of the sectors studied by UMR Innovation. The research first focused on innovations that have enabled the conversion of vineyards towards the production of quality wines, particularly in Languedoc (new grape varieties and practices, technical investments, organizational changes, particularly in cooperatives, etc.).


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