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As soon as it comes to climate change or other global threats, there is a point were deep transformations must be envisaged. Marginal, incremental solutions or so called tactical solutions might not be sufficient to navigate in the new climatic, environmental or market conditions.

Among these types of solutions are :

- reorganizing the business model of the company for instance

abandonning the high yield model from which revenues are taken and adopting a new  strategy towards diferentiation and higher prices. This requires new marketing strategies and exploring new markets for the wine. This could be aligned with reshuffling wine types produced : orienting a new share of the production towards DNO wines that target fewer yield objectives than wines with no geographical identification.

- adopting a "nomadism" strategy : looking for new terroirs to grow wine in cooler or wetter areas. This strategy is not available to all according their financial and social capital and their philosophy of practice.


These types of solutions can also be seen as pro-active and less reactive than incremental solutions. Significant transformations requires that planning and anticipation is organized as these changes will not be operated in one day. Coordination among actors might be critical also for success in these types of strategies.

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